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Kialoa Dragon Boat Paddle Update

February 16, 2009

I have been speaking with a Kialoa rep about the new Kialoa dragon boat blade I blogged on earlier today.  With her permission, below you will find her email to me.

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the email. I really appreciate the info.  Yes we are coming to market with a hybrid dragon boat paddle, that is IDBF  approved, built to spec etc…

We are coming to market with a hybrid because of the many requests we have had for this paddle over the years.

In the future we will also offer a full carbon DB paddle but we are beginning with the Hybrid.

I know folks believe that wood shafts have a “flex”, and as you may know many outrigger paddlers choose the hybrid because they tend to feel that the full carbons create more stress and pain on the joints and tendons. People often say they want the “flex”. But we have somewhat of a different theory because – well not sure how much you have tried to flex your axel but those shafts are stiff.  Years ago Dave was doing some work and he was using a carbon handled hammer.  He didn’t like it so he went to a wood handled hammer.

What he discovered was that although the carbon was lighter, he felt that it did not have the same “shock absorption” qualities as wood. He could feel the vibrations travel up the hammer and into his arm.  He didn’t feel this when he used a wood handled hammer.  We think there is more to the way wood feels than simply flex. We believe that dampening or shock absorption plays a large part in the “feel” of padding with a Hybrid paddle.

We know everyone uses the word “flex”, and if you get a wood paddle that has a thin enough shaft or a flexy blade, you might actually get flex out of it.  But we believe they are talking about more than just “flex”.
  We’ve been making hybrids for 10 years and we are building our DB Hybrids in much the same way, though there will be no flute (no grooves) in the sides of the shaft.  As you know the blade is non-negotiable (in terms of specs).  We followed the specs and have both our hybrid and full carbon approved.

Distribution – We are going to be doing something a bit differently in terms of distribution in the US.  For starters, we are going to be the dealer and distributor for dragon boat paddles in the United States.  And we are going to have an introductory offer to US teams/clubs.  In the next 2 weeks we will be sending out an email with this introductory offer explaining everything.

We are just starting production this week (the 3rd week of February) so we have no stock.  It is apparent that in the beginning demand will outweigh supply so we will deliver on a first come first serve basis.   Meaning we will fill orders in the order in which they come in to us.

I should have one of these paddles in a few weeks.

I look forward to paddling it and letting you give it a spin.  When the email from Kialoa comes out, I will make sure I pass it on to the LARD paddlers.

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  1. chuck permalink
    February 19, 2009 3:44 pm

    CA$250 or about US$200

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