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Another Update on the Long Beach Practice Situation

May 13, 2009

I got a call from Dr. Chen this evening confirming that this year, everything will stay as is.  He’s leaving for Taiwan tomorrow and wanted to make sure that we touched bases so everyone was on the same page before he took off.

HOWEVER, next year may be a different story as it is possible we may be looking at one hour practice slots again.

That being said, at the close of this season, I would like to sit down with the “brass” of the year-round teams so we can brainstorm to see if we can come up with some options for Dr. Chen and SCDBC to consider when they are putting together the schedule for next year.

So your year-long homework is to find creative ways to address the issues that the SCDBC must consider when accommodating the year-round teams and the festival teams – mainly how to schedule the coveted morning practice slots, maximizing safety, and maintaining the friendly relationship with have with our neighbors all around Mother’s Beach.

Look for a post from me in the off-season (some time after the SF Race) – hopefully, we can all get together and find some options we can present to the SCDBC.

Until then, I am sure your team is going to do everything it can to bash my team’s brains in on the water.  My team will try and return the favor.  😉

07.06.09 LARD Practice(I THINK M. Chin took this photo, but not 100% sure)

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