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Red Inflatable PFD

August 3, 2009

Tony found this red inflatable pfd online.

It looks great – but it’s a tad bit more expensive than the one Nick and I have.

Obviously, if it cost more, it must be better!  😉

FYI – Mark, Nick, Will and Morris wore the inflattable pfd at our races last weekend.


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  1. mark feng permalink
    August 3, 2009 11:03 am

    I wore Scott’s inflatable PFD for 3 races on sunday.
    It was relatively comfortable.
    I felt I was wearing a fanny pack and it did not bounce up/down during the race as long as it have the belt tightened.
    I don’t know how much it weighs but I do feel its weight when walking around.
    However, during the race, I didn’t even think about the PFD which is a good thing.
    Hopefully we can use it for SF!

  2. Anthony Yang permalink
    August 3, 2009 2:01 pm

    I ordered a few of the red fanny pack pfd’s to try. Once they arrive, we can compare them to the ones Scott and Nick have. They all seem comparable in terms of floatation rating.

  3. Morris permalink
    August 4, 2009 2:59 am

    Knowing that my fat compacts heavily in my lower waist, I wore mine loose for 1 race, it was bouncing up and down for a couple of strokes. I had it a bit more snug the next race and it was perfectly fine. The plastic on the buckle didn’t bother me I feel that it doesn’t limit breathing, rotation and reach as much (esp. when the pfd chaffs on my upper thigh). I’d recommend it, at least for everyone try it out. Where can I get one?

  4. Anthony Yang permalink
    August 11, 2009 3:32 pm

    The PFD’s arrived yesterday. They were pretty easy to arm. The re-arm kits for the MTI PFD runs about $12-14. I don’t know how much the other ones run, but it may be worth checking before ordering a specific inflatable PFD.

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