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Dragon Boaters Like to Give Constructive Criticism

August 25, 2009

Last weekend, two dragon boat races went down – the PDBA Championships in Seattle which were piggy backed on the local Seattle festival and the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival.

Seems like the racers in attendance had some constructive criticism for each of those races.  Paddlers complained about the Edmonton races and PDBA/Seattle races on DragonBoatWest.

My take?  I think race organizers want to know how they can improve their races.  That being said, I'm not sure posting on a public forum is the best way to get the race organizers to improve their races.  Perhaps a discrete email or in-person discussion with the race organizers would be a better way?

Clearly, paddlers need to be very careful with how they discuss their suggested improvements.  Race organizers do so much work for their races (even, if in your opinion, the race is crap).  Many of us don't understand the level of commitment or the amount of energy that is necessary to organize a race.  Race organizers invest a lot of time, money and energy into their races. I would guess the organizers look at their race as "their baby." 

With that in mind, "flaming" a race on a public forum will likely not bring the change you hope for. 

Finally, take time out of your day to thank race organizers for their races – even if it is not your ideal race.  Better yet, volunteer to help next year. 

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  1. Megan permalink
    August 26, 2009 6:42 am

    Just finished up our race, the Lake Superior Dragon Boat Festival, with 83 teams. I had to step away from the computer for the last two days because of this very thing. I am now following up with “great suggestion, I’d like to put you in charge of that!”

    If you’re gonna flap your mouth, be ready to step up to work!

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