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Installing the Fabled Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro

October 23, 2009

Here’s a review on Windows 7 with a spin – installing it on a Macbook Pro using VM Ware. For the first time ever, I laughed reading a review of a piece of software.  It’s clearly written by a Mac Fan Boy but an entertaining read nonetheless.

Here’s a taste:

Even thinking about installing Windows on my beautiful, pristine MacBook Pro makes me feel dirty. Dirty -like “walking-in-on-a-sibling-in-the-shower-and-finding-yourself-aroused” dirty…

Show this every time is the default option??!!! Who the fuck in their right fucking mind would ever want to see that useless fucking fuck box ever fucking again?

Although I rarely, OK, never, use it, I have Windows 7 RC installed on my MacBook Pro.  I haven’t had any problems with it (maybe because I don’t use it?).

I also have Windows 7 RC installed my my Dell XPS 13 inch laptop.  We use it primarily to stream our mutts on ustream.  It’s pretty damn solid.  The computer boots up fast and once I press the Google Chrome shorcut, it takes only a few seconds for the ustream page to come up.

We’ve been using Windows 7 RC for a few months now and it has only crashed two times.  There are a few annoying windows that pop up – for instance, a window that ask me every couple days if I want to allow Java to run on my computer.  DOY.

But from my limited use of Windows 7 RC, it seems pretty solid.  I can’t wait until Vi gets her new Dell laptop with Windows 7 preinstalled.

Just don’t get me started about Microsoft Office’s Ribbon… I’ve never missed the File Menu so much.

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