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SCDBC 10-Man Team to Race in Shanghai

January 15, 2010

[UPDATE 1/16/2010] There seems to be a bit of confusion on the beach.  We will be putting together a MIXED team, not a men’s team.   Also, the team that will ultimately race in Shanghai is NOT a LARD team although there may be some LARD paddlers on this team.  Thanks.

Dr. Chen has asked me to put together an SCDBC/Long Beach based dragon boat team for a September race in Shanghai that will be held in conjunction with the 2010 Shanghai Expo.

Here are the details as I know them now (subject to change) – the tournament starts on 9/15/2010.  All races will be in 10-man boats.  Distances are 200m, 500m, 2000m (circle race).  There will be 14 paddlers on the roster, plus a steersman and caller.  If you make the team, you will have to pay for your airfare to and from Shanghai as well as the cost of your visa.  Everything else should be taken care of.  I’m am sure there may be other changes, so be prepared to spend a bit more money (the exact amount, I do not know).

I understand the race is right before the 2010 San Francisco Dragon Boat Tournament.  My intention is to coach/race in Shanghai and also make my way over to San Francisco to coach/race with my own team.

This is the awkward/discriminatory part:  The organizers of the race (not me, not LARD, not ICEA, not SCDBC, or anyone else/entity in the U.S.) require that there are a minimum of 8 paddlers of Chinese descent on the boat during each race.  As such, 2 paddlers on a boat can be of any origin – white, black, green, blue or brown.  I am not currently aware of any age minimums or maximums.

I will be testing all paddlers interested.  The details of testing will be disclosed at a later date after I get a grip on how many are interested and after I have had a chance to speak with the other coach(es) that will be involved.

The caliber of paddler I envision should not only be strong, but have no problem with blending with those that paddle around him/her.  These paddlers should be motivated enough to train on their own.  I will demand effort and attention at our practices (and races) but will leave it up to you off the boat as to how you wish to prepare yourself.

How do you make the team?  The first step is to indicate your interest by replying to this evite.

Next, we will be testing (likely on a paddling ergometer in addition to oc2 or oc1 on water testing).  We will determine at a later date whether there will be a series of cuts or just one cut.  The EARLIEST we will test is in May so you have time to prepare yourself.

If you make the team, you will not be able to paddle with any other team for the 2010 season.  JUST KIDDING!  You are encouraged to paddle and train with your own team throughout the season.  We will practice as a team but our practices will be a supplement to the training you are doing for your own team.

Raw numbers will not be the only factors in team selection.  The goal is to pick the best TEAM Long Beach has to offer so there will be a subjective part of the selection process.  Technique and blending are critical as is one’s character and attitude.  Team chemistry will be a priority.

If you have any questions, fire away.

This is going to be fun.  Step it up.

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