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March 4, 2010
Here’s an email string which is an example how uptight some lawyers are:
Amusingly enough, I had a text conversation with one of my good friends who I’ve helped with this situation.  I recently got a case kicked because the defense counsel could not produce an original contract or an assignment.
By the way, he was dead serious.
Client:  So, what happens now?
Me:  Nada.  If debt collector can’t prove anything they’ll probably sell it
to another debt collector.
Client:  Will that debt collector try to sue me too?
Me:  Maybe.  Who knows?
Client:  So can I put you on a retainer to defend me again if that happens?
Me:  Dude, if you have the money for a  retainer, just pay the fu*king debt.

Some people..


Fun Attorney
My response (one of many responses from other lawyers):
That makes me laugh.

Thank you!  😉
Scott D. Wu

Attorney at Law

A response to my response from Uptight Lawyer:
Would you be laughing when you advise a client to pay a debt buyer in
settlement only to have that client sue YOU when it is discovered you
advised him to pay a debt buyer who did not have a valid right to collect?

I do not ask for proof to be difficult.   I ask for proof so i can make sure
my client pays a valid debt to a valid owner.     Is that really too much to
ask?    You know, to prove your claims.     It must be since most debt
buyers claim some sort of bizarre privilege over producing proof of sale.

~Uptight Lawyer from the South
My response to Uptight Lawyer:
I laugh at a lot of things.  Malpractice actions are not one of them.
Ease up a bit.  Fun Attorney’s email starts off  “Amusingly enough…”
Scott D. Wu

Attorney at Law

(626) 799-1858
(310) 553-8621

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