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Why Everyone Should Use GMail

March 15, 2010

I have a potential real estate litigation client that wants me to handle a case for his company.

Before I take the case, I want to be sure I can help him and that the case is not a loser.

He tells me that he has a series of emails he wants to forward me.  He uses Yahoo Mail.  No big deal, right?


Unlike Google’s GMail, Yahoo does not thread its email messages. Instead, each response to a thread (emails with the same subject title) is a separate email.

To mess with me even more, Yahoo Mail does not allow a user to forward multiple emails at the same time.

So what does my client do?  He tells me he can’t forward all the emails to me at once so he emails me his user name and password.  My response is essentially, “Thanks for the trust, but I don’t feel comfortable going into your email.”

So what does he do?  He begins forwarding each email to me – one at a time – all 200.  GRRRRRR.

I try to call him on his phone but since he’s busy forwarding emails to me, I can’t reach him.

Moral of the story – use Gmail.  PLEASE.  Had this potential client been using Gmail, he would have forwarded entire strings of email as one email and instead of fowarding 200 separate emails to me, my inbox would only have a handful of emails.


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  1. will permalink
    March 17, 2010 11:01 am

    always a shocker to find someone that’s not on gmail.

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