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2010 Lake Gregory

August 16, 2010

LARD headed up to Lake Gregory last Sunday for the 2nd annual Lake Gregory dragon boat festival.

Despite numerous veteran LARD member opting not to participate in this race, I was still very impressed with how we raced.  There were many newbie LARDies that earned their first medal of their dragon boat career.

What I found most interesting was that there were two final heats for the mixed division.  One was for the silver medal – the team that won this heat won the silver medal.  The next heat was for the gold medal.   Whoever won that heat won the gold medal.  It was great seeing the Dragonauts in the gold medal heat!  Keep up the great coaching, Phil!

Besides dragon boating, there was tons of food, watersliding, birthday dunkings, danceoffs and video taping (Old Spice anyone?).  A few of us paddled a 2-man canoe around the lake.  The high/lowlight of the canoe paddling was the moronic dude that was trying to teach Chuck and I how to paddle a canoe and intentionally flipped the boat over – while Chuck and I were in the boat.  Dude, leave us alone.  We know how to paddle a boat.

It was great seeing Jeannie at the race even though she flew into LA the night before.  She even brought a pizza – with meat!

The “fun” races of the season are now over.  I hope everyone opts to go to practice the next few weekends as we prepare for the inevitably stiff competition in Shanghai and San Francisco.

Festival paddle (left) versus Burnwater Reactor (right).

One of the foo dogs guarding the registration tent.

Overlooking the Lake Gregory race site.

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  1. jeannie permalink
    August 18, 2010 9:17 pm

    🙂 Definitely a great day at the lake! lol didn’t know about the canoe dude.

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