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Quick Review of the Nike+ GPS iPhone App

December 11, 2010

Nike recently updated their iPhone Nike+ iPod app that came pre-installed on iPhones.  To use the old Nike+iPod app, you had to have a Nike+ sensor ($20).  This was kinda lame – especially if you don’t wear Nike running shoes (like me).  I used the Nike+ app a few times and even bought a little pouch to attach the sensor to my New Balances.  My silence on this app speaks for itself.

The new/updated version of the app is called “Nike+ GPS”.   You can get it for $1.99 in the iTunes app store.

I’ve used it on a few runs including the Long Beach Turkey Trot.  This new app takes advantage of the iPhone’s GPS technology so you don’t need that idiotic Nike+ sensor.  You can set up “power songs” in the app but I just prefer to listen to whatever songs pop up on my iPhone when I run.  There are also audio snippets of various Nike sponsored athletes and celebrities that cheer you on or congratulate you after your run.

The app has some social aspects to it  as well.  You can share your runs on Facebook and Twitter (I usually don’t do this as I already significantly pollute my friends’ Facebook feeds with my omnipotent knowledge).  There’s also an option to allow friends to cheer you on during your run.  I don’t use this feature as I shutter to hear what some of my fraternity brothers may say to me during one of my runs.  The app notifies you of your mile split times through voice prompts.  This is very convenient or very depressing depending on how fast/slow you run.

When you are finished with your run, you can upload your data wirelessly to the Nike+ website where you can see maps of your current and previous runs.  The website (along with the app) keeps track of your runs, total miles, etc.  It’s still a lame-ass Nike flash site (why does Nike and Under Armour have such horrible websites?) but you can still glean some good information from your runs.

There are many more advantages to the Nike+ GPS app.  Give it a try – it’s only $1.99.

Here are some screen shots from my iPhone.

From this year’s Long Beach Turkey Trot.

This is the app’s welcome screen.

I also have the good ‘ole Garmin Forerunner 305 but using the Nike+ GPS app is much more convenient for running.  I contemplated using the Nike+ GPS app for oc1 paddling but realized it would really jackup my running mileage totals.  I’ll stick with the Forerunner to log my paddling miles.

Lastly, what do I use to carry my iPhone during a run?  I have been putting it in a pocket of my Pearl Izumi running/cycling vest as it’s bee a bit chilly lately.  I just got my wife an Amphipod Micropak Smartview and I’m thinking about getting myself one when it gets too warm for a vest.  Here’s a non-dorky tip on the Micropak – wear it so that the pack is on the INSIDE of your shorts not on the outside the way it is depicted in the diagram on the Amphipod link – the iPhone won’t bounce around as much and you won’t look like one of those dorks that wears his phone on his belt.

As you can see from the iPhone screen captures above, I need to increase my mileage.  I’m going to go running now.  Out.

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