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American Idol 2011 Tour

July 17, 2011

Vi and I headed out to the IE to check out the American Idol 2011 Tour.  Seeing them at Nokia would have been much easier but that show sold out quickly.

Anyways, as we approached the arena, I saw the AI photographer with 2 Nikons draped over his shoulders and media pass dangling from his neck.  Man, I would have loved to have one of those media passes.  Instead, I had the Canon S95 in my pocket so the only photos I would get were from my seat and we weren’t sitting particularly close.

James Durbin sung Sweet Child O’ Mine.  Here he is in front of my section pumping up the crowd.  When he appeared near my section, I had the same rush I do shooting sports when an unexpected play develops in front of me.  Just aim, spray and pray.  Not much spraying going on with a point and shoot though.

Haley and Durbin are two of my favorite AI singers.  Here’s a shot of Haley.  Even though McCreary has a great first name, he seems like a run of the mill country singer.  But Haley is fantastic.  If she ever comes out with any music, I’ll add her to my Adele, Cranberrys, Sinead O’Connor, Alanis playlist.

For the camera geeks out there, I shot in Manual mode, at 500 and 800 ISO.  Aperture was as wide open as the camera would go at the various focal lengths I used.  Shutter speed was usually in the area of 1/250.  Photos were processed in Aperture 3, Nik Define and Color Efx Pro 3.

Here’s a shot at the end of the show – all the singers together.

A great night with Vi and some good music to boot.

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