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New Champion OC1 and OC2

July 17, 2011

I noticed a few paddlers paddling around these new Champion outrigger canoes yesterday.  I haven’t had a chance to test paddle one yet but will likely do so soon.  I’m hoping a few LARDies will be able to get out on these along side our Hukis for some testing after the upcoming Long Beach tournament, or at the latest after the PDBA Championships in San Diego.

I spoke to someone that paddled one yesterday and he said it was slow – as soon as he made his stroke the boat slowed down.  He followed that up with, “but it would be good for the open ocean.”  I told him to be careful and that I probably wouldn’t take either one out to the open ocean just yet.

Based on my past conversations, I suspect these boats were made for practice and testing so speed was probably not the main goal when designing these boats.

The two Champions are on the top rack.  I’m not a boat builder by any means but it looks like the rocker is too flat for open ocean paddling.  I am concerned that the nose will pearl if either of these boats gets in front of even a moderately sized bump.

The red Champion is the oc2 and the yellow one is the oc1.  I’ve never seen a Champion oc2 so I’m guessing it’s a first generation boat.  The oc1 is at least a second generation Champion as there was a white one on the beach in 2008.  I think that boat has since been retired/sold.

Looks like our friends at Champion used some existing oc1s as models.

I’m very interested to see how this connection works with the iakus and how they hold up over time.

Another picture of the cockpits.  The iakus and ama are at TK’s.  I’ll make sure I post my comments after getting a chance to paddle one or both of these boats.

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