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Some Shots from Las Vegas

August 22, 2011

Vi and I went to Vegas for one of Vi’s friend’s wedding. It was my first wedding since picking up photography. It would also be a reunion for Vi and some of her dearest friends from UCLA.

At the wedding, I tried to be very mindful of the photographer they paid to shoot the event. Essentially, I just stayed out of the way limiting myself to the sides and back of the church. I managed to stay out of her way. I can’t say the others in attendance with cameras accomplished the same thing in terms of staying out of the way.

The photographer was both very good and friendly – a combination that is usually missing in sports photography.  The engagement photos that were displayed during the wedding were absolutely stunning.  She even complimented my photography when she looked over the shoulder of one of my friends who was looking at some of my photos on my iPhone (she saw my California Adventure HDR sunset photo).

The reception was at a country club just outside of Vegas (Dragon Ridge). The original plan was for me to shoot Vi and her friends at sunset. Unfortunately we missed a lot of the great sunset light but managed to squeeze in a few group shots before the sun went down. Thanks to Hoa and Sam for acting as the walking and voice-activated Speedlite stands.

Vi and some of her best friends – minus the bride Michelle (she was busy, well, doing wedding stuff).  😉

Hang and Hoa enjoying the sunset.

During the reception I tried to keep my camera in my bag but there were a few instances where I just couldn’t resist. I pulled out the 7D for some dance photos and some drinking shots.

I took the above shot through one of the windows of the country club.  This cat is feeling it!

I took a few pictures of the cake cutting with my iPhone.  Here’s the one of the iPhone shots I like most.

Seconds after this photo, the country club employees dropped the cake. I wish I could have gotten the cake flying through the air but only got an iPhone shot of the cleanup.

The wedding director asked me what I was doing (the first of 2 times I was asked that question the evening). I told her I was taking a picture. She responded that she didn’t want the bride to know what had happened. “Too late,” I thought to myself.

Later that night we found ourselves in a taxi line at the Aria hotel. I setup my Joby  (it’s essentially a tripod that’s 12 inches tall) to take a few shots of the scenery when I was startled by a big bouncer.

“What are you doing?” he asked.
“Uhmm, taking a picture,” I respond.
“You don’t have permission to take a photo.”
“May I take a photo?”
“You need to get permission through our public relations department.”
“You can’t use that tripod,” as he pointed to the gorillapod.
“That’s a tripod?”

My goal in this conversation was to keep it going for as long as possible as by the time the bouncer got up to me, I had programmed the 7D to shoot 3 exposures and since I had the ISO set at 160 at f11, the exposures were totaling over 1 minute.

This is the result of that long-winded conversation.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. joseph permalink
    August 22, 2011 2:20 pm

    gorilla photography … nice

  2. karen permalink
    August 22, 2011 8:35 pm

    good thing u asked what a tripod was. good stalling. it was worth it. haha

  3. August 31, 2011 11:56 am

    that would have been a nice conversation to witness. haha. nice picture, too!

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