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Irwindale Speedway

February 13, 2012

I never had any interest in race car driving.  So when my buddy Nick asked me to photograph his adventure at the Irwindale Speedway last Sunday, I wasn’t super pumped but welcomed the challenge because, well, I like sports photography.  Also, I knew a few years from now, Nick probably wanted a few images to look back on.  Hopefully, I would be able to shoot a few shots for his future reference.

I knew exactly where the speedway was even though I had never been there – right next to that big hole off of the 605 where they wanted to build a stadium for the Raiders so getting there was a breeze.

Parking was not so easy.  I rolled into the parking lot and was greeted by possibly the most unorganized parking lot I have ever seen.  Cars parked at all angles all over the place.  The parking attendant looked like Dale Earnhardt or was it Kyle Bush, hell, I don’t know but he had a mustache, baseball hat and go to hell sunglasses.

The next thing to greet me was a sign that said “No tank tops, no shorts.”  What the hell is this?  I thought that tank tops and shorts were the standard attire for race car fans.

I sat through the pre-race class.  Contrary to my previous belief (and many of yours), stock car racing isn’t just about turning left on an oval track, it’s rather technical.

The racing was very interesting.  I was lucky enough to get up close to the track for Nick’s warm up lap but took most of the shots from the grand stands or the pit area prior to Nick’s session.

Thanks to Phil for letting me borrow his Canon 5D MII that I used in the pit area and the wider landscape type shots.

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