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LA Galaxy v. Vancouver Whitecaps

November 2, 2012

I attended my first professional soccer match last night. The LA Galaxy played the Vancouver Whitecaps in the 2012 MLS playoffs. What a fun time. My brother is friends and former partners with the Whitecaps strength and condition coach Mike Young so Mike got a few tickets for us to enjoy the game. Thanks so much, Mike! I left the big cameras and lenses at home as I didn’t want to make an effort for a press pass and I wanted to just hang with my brother and soak in the atmosphere. The pictures you see below are from my iPhone.

A few of my random thoughts:

Believe it or not, there are some fanatical Galaxy fans out there. The announcing was very unique – whenever a Galaxy player was announced, the announcer would say the first name and let the crowd yell the last name. It went like this:

Announcer: Goal scored by Landon..
Crowd: Donvan!
Announcer: Landon!
Crowd: Donvan!
Announcer: Landon!
Crowd: Donvan!
Announcer: Thank you!
Crowd: Your welcome!


The crazy section launching a whole bunch of crap on the field.

I was amazed at the one section that stood, clapped, sung and chanted the entire game. Constant drumming included. These cats went  for the ENTIRE game. They did not sit down and they did not stop making noise. I can only imagine in Europe where soccer is much bigger that pretty much the entire stadium does this but to see even one section doing this in LA was pretty amazing.

David Beckham blasting one towards the goal.

It was also my first time seeing David Beckham play in person. I know nothing about soccer but was not impressed with his overall speed and quickness. Landon Donovan is much faster. What I was absolutely dumbfounded about was his kicking ability. That cat can kick the ball. His corner kicks were truly amazing. His new neck tattoo on the back of his neck? Not so amazing. Think of a tramp stamp on the back of your neck. That’s what it looks like.

Best chant of the night – after two Galaxy players go down like they were hit by sniper rifles, the Vancouver crowd began chanting “We have health care” (5 claps), “We have health care” (5 claps) over and over. Solid.

Soccer goalies react to balls on goal (even if it is kicked right at them) like stopping a soccer ball with your hands is the most difficult task in the history of man.

Finally, the NBA thinks it has a flopping problem? Not compared to soccer. Players were faking injury all over the place. In soccer it seems so bad that the players seem to wait several minutes before calling a timeout/kicking the ball out of bounds to assist one of their teammates. I guess the reasoning is, if our teammate is writhing in pain for 3 minutes, he really is injured.

A shot behind the Whitecap faithful.


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  1. November 2, 2012 12:08 pm

    Landon’s last name is Donovan.

    And Beckham’s getting old :(. Can still bend it though! Mystical powers of the neck tattoo.

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