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I am Not Happy with Drobo

October 3, 2013

I was one of the first people on the Drobo train. I purchased a Drobo S several years ago. It seemed like a solid way to store a lot of data and have it protected. I look at storage as a process that is long term, secure and worry free. Set it and forget it. That’s what I thought I had in Drobo until today.

My iMac can now only see one of the partitions of the Drobo and of course it is the partition that has all of my photos on it. So after doing some investigating and attempted fixes (the Mac’s Disk Utility) , I called Drobo.

To my utter dismay, I was told by the support rep that the Drobo S was end of life and he could only provide limited support. Put another way, they would no longer offer any meaningful support for the Drobo S.  I asked the rep point blank, “So Drobo is sending the message that if its customers don’t buy a new unit every few years, they can’t get support?” After a long pause he responded that he was sorry. I understand the need for Drobo to make money but their drive to make money is contrary to my outlook on storage as long term, secure, and worry free.

He did mention that I should go buy 3rd party software DiskWarrior to TRY and fix the problem.  How much does DiskWarrior cost? $100.00. My next question to the support agent, “Wait, so now you’re telling me to spend $100 on software to TRY and fix the problem that your device/software created?” After a long pause he responded, “I’m sorry, Scott, but yes.”

He said he would ask for permission from his supervisor to offer me more detailed support. I’m not holding my breath…

I’ll be looking for an alternative to Drobo – and it won’t be Transporter because Drobo now owns them.

I guess Apple customer service spoils me as I routinely see customers bringing in really old Macs into the Apple Store for repair. Hell, they recently replaced the trackpad on my ’08 MacBook Pro free of charge.

I will never buy Drobo again. Ever.

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